Below are Testimonies of God’s faithfulness!

I am a born again however I still have problem seem like the devil is try to mess with me and my family. I am a off drugs I WANT TO NEVER GO BACK TO THE WAY I was I pray I DONT YET IT SEEM
Omg! The passages read to today were both literally what I read this past week when doing the journaling of praying, writing down your prayers, excitements, fear, God's response, and then turning to passage in the bible and on both days I went to Luke about the women with her tears and mary with the oil. I needed a confirmation and I got it clearly. I am scared but I know if I can sacrifice in college I can sacrifice for Christ. Haha Please pray that I will have the strength and not give up.
Vicky Ajayi
I Love what is happening in this church, this body of Christ. When I came to this area and the situation I'm in, I was the one who was raised in the church, who went 2 or 3 times a week. But I slowly fell away and though I Knew GOD was in Me and Jesus and the Spirit were For me, I was far from them. And I didn't bring the situation I was in, like I should have. But GOD said I have a trick for you, and He brought someone I was supposed to influence, into HiS house, and used Them to bring Me back. THAT'S the LOVE of GOD, The Son, The Spirit. When HE Wants you, by hook or ny Crook, HE Will Have You!! Don't ever think that you are too far gone for GOD!
God is Good, all the time! God has been faithful to myself and my family in many ways and I want to say, Praise be to you oh Lord!