Prayer Requests

Praying to keep my family's health, finances the relationship with God now and forever Amen
Prayers for my siblings and family who recently lost their grandparents.
A husband that has submitted his life to God, loves me and good father to our future children. Discernment for where I should live.
please pray for a fresh anointing on julian’s and my relationship with the Lord and our renewed relationship
I want to be married but, I'm having trust issues. My prayer request is that God intervene in our situation. I pray that God will heal the hurt.
I pray for Ade mind heart and soul. He too deserves forgiveness and the people who's involved in this situation. In Jesus name amen
Physical and emotional healing
Olivia Hunter
Healing from past childhood trauma, being able to forgive, & use my story to make a difference in someone else’s life
That no cancer is found on my grandfather’s scan today and that his pain will stop so he can eat to regain his strength!
Prayer that Herman will open his mind and his heart to know and worship God.
I stand in the gap to pray for my friend Ade. Help me to overcome the situation him and others who find themselves in a problem only you can fix
Praying for my cousin Ricky to join the world again! Bring him closer to the lord and the world help want to be in the world
Praying for a fresh encounter in my business so that it may grow & impact the lives of others for the better while lifting up my family’s life all for God’s kingdom
Praying that my sister Maria can have rest from her chronic illness. From this rest she have a better quality of life.
Charrise Lomax
Family enlarge our territory - financially spiritually family wise to expect a child
My sister "Angie" be healed from any cancer in her body. She has an upcoming appointment to check. Prayers that there be nothing of cancer or any serious illnesses.
Praying for my sister Crystal to be stress free to all worries from the office, she shall overcome!
I pray for patience while I am waiting for my prayers to be answered. I pray that you bring a man into my life that’s knows you or wants to draw nearer to you if he doesn’t.
Imani Richardson
and remind him forgivenesses is for everyone. I pray for his heart, mind and his spirit. In Jesus Name. Thank you Lord!
Pray that my sisters are able to provide for themselves and their families doing what they love.
Lord I pray that you heal my father's body, grant him a peace that defies all understanding, and when it is Your divine will to bring him to eternal rest please grant him salvation to have life everlasting with you in Heaven. In Jesus's name we pray Amen🙏🏽
Wisdom- being able to find the words that I tend to lose when speaking. Speaking with confidence and with truth
I stand in the gap to pray for Ade & his situation. Lord workout the situation and
A husband who is a man after God’s own heart. He is smart, generous, eager to build generational wealth, patient, kind, and eager to build Gods kingdom in the career God placed him in.
Prayer for purity until marriage. Praying for a great husband and that I will recognize him. Praying to be a good steward and to continue making great financial decisions.
My car gets back on the road supernaturally
Protection over my moms life , praying we all live a long life
Prayer for my sister as she is going through high school, that God gives her direction and opens her eyes to all that he has and can do. Prayer that she is free from distractions and pride
I am believing in God to help my cousin Clarence walk again. He has been in rehabilitation and things are moving slowly. I am praying that God will restore his faith and that God will bless his wife as she works to be a caregiver to him in this difficult season of their lives.
Dear Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I come to you today to say thank you for another day. I’m in need of resources for this emergency move. I’m in need of people to help me move my things into storage and help with packing the big items God. I’m 85% packed but need this extra “man power” please. This season is extremely overwhelming but I’m thankful for a sound mind and inner peace. I pray for peace, protection, good health , wisdom, Financial freedom, and healing for my family and I. In Jesus name I pray Amen Amen Amen.
Financial stewardship, wisdom and discernment for all relationships new and old, a job that highlights my purpose and allows me the ability to be God’s hands, feet, and loud speaker whenever I walk into my place of work.
Prayer for my brother to know God and his ultimate purpose in life.
Prayer for my brother to know God and his ultimate purpose in life.
Praying for my daughter to get this new job, she has recurrently applied for to keep her finance independently
I pray that I grow closer to God and become more comfortable in my journey. I pray that God guides me in the direction I am supposed to go. I pray that my mom opens her heart to God and that she is released from her hurt and anger. I pray for restoration of relationships in my family.
Favor as I go into my job interview today
Heal grandsons from anxiety and addictions because their anxiety. Pray they seek God as they were brought up to know Him, but may they have their spiritual connection, return to salvation
Prayer for purity until marriage. Praying for a great wife and that I recognize her. Praying to be a good steward and to continue making great financial decisions.
Clarity snd provision.
Lord I pray that you search my broken heart and fill every crack with Your will. Let there be more of You in me than me in me. Amen 🙏🏽
Complete healing for my left eye.
My granddaughter Myriah, great grandmother Delores has 4th Stage Cancer, and she is 89 years young
Fresh Encounter, Continual walk with God for Guidance, Enlarge my territory, financial, increased finances for my giving can increase. My community safe.
Please lord keep my family lifted to you always free us from depression and other disxorders
My adult children return to God. That they have a desire for God.
that my ADHD, fear and anxiety no longer get in the way of me moving forward in life.
Healing and restoration in my spirit and the continued perseverance to stay strong during tough times.
That my son Caleb would not be lost to this world. That he would be drawn to the Lord. That my daughter Sariah get accepted into the medical school of her choice if it is In God’s will. That he keep her from the worlds stain. That God deliver my husband from anger and make us one in.serving in ministry together. That God send him clients in this area
I pray for the job offer that will set me up financially. The job God has called me to do.
financial freedom, independence and favor.
that I can be a part of nephews life again
a new job/career that has all the benefits I want and doesn't give me anxiety.
lord we want to be closer to you! If my heart isn't pleasing to you help me fix it
I pray for5(
I pray for5(
I pray for5(
I pray for5(
Pray for Francis family that going through difficult times.
I want me son Jose to know Jesus and serve him
I pray for my friend Catherine to return to Jesus. She grew up Christian, but left, and God put her on my heart. It often seems like nothing is happening, but the devil fights with sickness and fear, so he knows he's losing. May Jesus bring His lost sheep home today, and if not today, tomorrow.
Praying that the Lord help me to pass my NCLEX.
Fanny Peraza
I am praying for my new business to be successful and for God show me how to give glory back to him. I’m also praying for my family/friends as we all embark on our new journeys.Lastly I’m praying for my life partner who I believe I’ve met.
To be accepted in Union College and to get the help I need to write my book, get the financial support I need to live in a safe environment to to live a life pleasing to God in Jesus name. And to get a to
Louise Stewart
I am praying for a pathway to getting a green card. God has been so faithful on my journey these last 11 years. Granting me extension after extension. Now ask Him for this next big one!
Selecting the right house for my wife and I to start a family.
Emmaus Ferdinand
Praying that my sister chinyere pauline okwosha that she will be completely whole and she will not relapse ever again.that god will give me clarity on what i can do to improve my finances,business ideas,new job offers,etc. and that god gives me grace to love and enjoy what i do morr and the wisdom to do it righy so it doesn't control my life.that god will give me discermment in my.relationships and the grace to identify my partner.
I’m praying for a life partner that won’t leave me because of minor arguments. I’m praying for a new job, and God’s wisdom to pass my exams! Passing this exam will open the door of opportunities for me. Amen.
Pray to help my little cousin who is suffering from crohns disease and has been in the hospital for 3 weeks.
Tatiana Malebranche
Been diagnosed with diabetes retinopathy getting injection in my eyes pray that my eyes heal each time I am treated pray for full vision return 🙏🏽
Bertha Gillis
I pray for a bidding war. Looking for a move of God that our family home sells quickly and for top dollar. Amen!
Glenn has a brain tumor & esophageal cancer.
John Hobbs had a stroke & need speech restored. Also need salvation.
To be Inseperable from God Peace, love and harmomy to reign in my life and family's life For my uncles and grandfather to come to KNOW Jesus
To be Inseperable from God Peace, love and harmomy to reign in my life and family's life For my uncles and grandfather to come to KNOW Jesus
To be Inseperable from God Peace, love and harmomy to reign in my life and family's life For my uncles and grandfather to come to KNOW Jesus
I want to get back to where I was with God. Strengthen our relationship so he remains at the center. Then all else, the husband, job, visions etc. will come.
For healing and understanding of gods word and grace. Ask for guidance and an renewed Heart. Amen
Special Prayer Request For Robert, That GOD might Reveal To Him In The Season, Transparency, and Freedom From Being Guarded and Closed Off. Allow Your Spirit Of Decernment to Pour Into Him so that He Might Be Able to Make Sound Decisions that would Honor Your Will For His Life. Thanking You In Advance for Answered Prayers In The Name Of Your Son Jesus. AMEN!!!
Lord God, I pray for restoration. For I know the promise you have spoken. I pray you reconcile my husband and I. That you free our minds, body of anything negative out or lives. God I pray you form a 3 strand cord that is not easily broken. That you deliver us, that if it’s not good then your not done. I’m not going based off what I see but what I know. God I pray you brindle us closer to you together and that you use us for Your Glory Lord God! God I pray you Restore what you’ve created and Protect what you have restored. In Jesus name. Thank you in advance for the restoration. Amen.
Praying for new job opportunities. Applied for 2. Seeking wisdom and confidence.
Praying for marriage. Tired of keeping it together for almost 30 years.
I am praying for marriage restoration that the Lord will heal all our wounds and that our union will glorify God, that the Lord will bring a bond between our families that we have never experienced.
Judith Okumu
I’m praying for a financial breakthrough regarding my debts. I’m also praying that God restores my heart from heartbreak. I pray for favor at my job as well.
Please pray for my cousin who is going through kidney failure. I pray that the lord cleanse and renews the functions of her kidneys in the name of Jesus
Lord, I come to you for guidance and break this selfishness and wickedness from my teenager guide her show her Lord bless this school year give her peace give me peace Lord
Praying for my friend Tay to find purpose in her life again, find that joy that once was. Remove her constant thoughts if no longer wanting to be here. Show her that she deserves to be here, be prosperous, and continue to accomplish more that god has in store for her. I pray that this spirit of suicide is removed from her mind, released from her spirit. In Jesus name she is healed. Amen
Praying for the healing and restoration of my marriage. That my husband is able to forgive me for my past transgressions and will continue to fight for our marriage. That his heart will heal and that he will press into God like never before. And that his trust will be rebuilt. Pray that I forgive myself and that I won’t carry the shame and guilt of what was done. And allow God to renew my heart and mind and transform me. Pray our marriage will be healed and that God will use what we have gone through to help heal others.
I’m believing God for my sister to get the job of her dreams. That she is connected with the right people and is blessed with her heart’s desire
please keep my baby close to you Lord! Help her hear that click to see the world and be able to function on this workd!
I’m praying for friends to start seeking after God and finally visit a church (even if it’s not Union). I just want for them to experience church in a positive light
Father I pray for a financial blessing, a financial miracle to move to a better and safer community and to create a better life for myself and my family. Show me the steps to that blessing and allow me to understand that you are the God who hears my prayers, speak to me in direct ways that are encouraging and Empowering for me thank you for reminding me that you are not bothered by my prayers. Protect us all father from any opposition trying to rise up during this season of prayer allow us to be fully attentive to you let us not be distracted allow us to bring everything possible to your feet in Jesus name.AMEN
lord please help my nany
For a safe delivery of a healthy baby for my sister. For Holy Spirit to guide and teach her as she enter motherhood. For resources and godly community to surround her and my niece as they both grow.
I am believe God for restoration of my parents marriage; that he will touch their hearts. I’m praying for strength to continue my graduate program and find a job that will grant financial stability and build savings. I’m also praying genuine friendships and relationships because I cannot continue doing life alone.
Abigail Amoah
That God would give me supernatural wisdom to be excellent Stuart over all he has untrusted me with. My life my relationships my business my finances my health my future spouse my influence
Bless my sister Crystal my brother Richard m daughter Myani lay hands on them bless their health their finaces
I am believing that God will provide my family with improved financial stewardship so that we can enjoy traveling with our newborn and allow for me to have decreased work hours so that I can enjoy and bond with her at this time.
please lord bless Kevin for a successful recover from all of his old demons may he return home new man new soul
Touch My Aunt, in a loving and powerful way, protect and guide her to release the pride over to you . Please reminder her that she is NEVER alone that she is loved . Amen!
Pray for safety, health, and protection for myself and all of my loved ones
Praying for a God ordained marriage and to not do life alone
Bless my family health and faith bring us closer to you LORD!
Prayers for a healthy Godly community and my future husband.
For direction as I enter my last year of college. I pray that God helps me focus and not be distracted by the external factors. I pray for direction with my career and strength to continue pursuing
I am asking God to speak and direct me into my next season. That his presence be known mad that He will equip me with all I need.
Shaila Quick
Praying that Quiera and Mickey will be anointed to be good Godly parents. That they receive salvation and the peace of God in their relationship
more relationship with God less religion
i am praying for my family’s physical health this year and recovery from medical bills from last year. Allow us to be good stewards of our money in order to clear the medical debt. Amen
Use more than now in the kids ministry,,Bless me and my sister for Christ centered marriages, finances for us all siblings and new job for my brother junior
salvation and healing for family
shekinah glory to fall
My husbands salvation and healing of suicidal thoughts and anxiety
Pray for my daughter to past her test on Thursday so she starts her new chapter in her life!
Marvelyn Davis
blessing over my kids and their purpose
I pray for restoration of my family and for everyones hearts to be filled with love, getting rid of the pride
bless my purposeful marriage
Praying to find a wheelchair accessible home for my family this week Lord. Employment for my family and protection over my son. Praying for wisdom, peace and protection. Thank you Jesus! Amen
perspective change about myself
anointing and favor in my purpose
Please pray for me to find peace within, help with praying better , pray that I learn to really leave my worries to God because right now it's a battle. I'm very heartbroken from betrayals and just feel very empty and broken . I just want too feel God's love. I have faith that all will be restored in my life I'm just going through a tough time . Thank you so much for praying for me 💜
I pray for a financial increase, a new remote position that is high paying. I pray that you remove fear and that business takes off at the end of the year. I want to be happy in all aspects of my
I pray that my mom heals from her past and seeks God into her life. I pray that she heals the hate and strives to forgive. I pray that she heals for the sake of herself, for God, and for my siblings and I. I pray that her relationship with my siblings and I can strengthen. I pray for my siblings to seek God and for my baby brother to be protected by the holy spirit as he is beginning school
Im praying for financial breakthrough in my mother’s (Stacy) life
Praying for Discipline in my spiritual Journey to grow Wise, and to become a Good Steward over my time, resources, my health and fitness, and with relationships to grow and love like you do Lord. I resurrender my WILL to adopt your WAY in Jesus Name.
I live in Trinidad and Tobago. Am believing God to find an affordable apartment in the Marval area before the end of the years (specifically by September). Believe God is saying to me its time to move out my brother's apartment and into my own so am pursuing him in faith to find one in a safe área. Praying also that my brother Olford and Fitzroy finds God and have a personal relationship with him.
Akini James
That my brother (Rashaad) will be free from alcohol abuse. That he will have the courage and physical, mental, and spiritual stamina to put in the work that is needed to overcome his dependency. That he will have a supernatural encounter with Christ, restored faith, self esteem, self control, and passion for Christ. That he believes the vision and calling that the lord has placed on his heart which is bigger than his dependence on alcohol.
Aanika O’Connor
That God will increase my finances and bless my relationships
That God will increase my finances and bless my relationships
Lord! please help my family get closer to you Lord let us feel your presence in our world oh Lord!
Marvelyn Davis
Please Bring My Lost Loved Ones To Come To Know and Love You Oh Lord.. Break any strongholds over each of their lives, that they might come to depend on you solely in Jesus Name.
I am praying for the health of my friends and myself. I pray for health and healing
more success in my fitness journey
Lord please guide me as I have been searching for a new home for and my son and I. Let your will be done and allow my contingencies be accepted. In Jesus name Amen!
continued career success in my third year of teaching, leading, and coaching
That our mighty God will heal Kenisha from high cholesterol and increase her finances so she can pay her living expenses and stay in dental school
For a fulfillment of God’s promises in my life. For God to be near when I seek him and I live according to the words of Psalm 55.
For a fulfillment of God’s promises in my life. For God to be near when I seek him and I live according to the words of Psalm 55.
For a fulfillment of God’s promises in my life. For God to be near when I seek him and I live according to the words of Psalm 55.
Lord please lay hands on my daughter's mind & body help her lord defeat depression!
Marvelyn Davis
health and blessings (personal, relational, and financial) for my family and me, salvation and sanctification for my brother
Christ-centered marriages for my siblings and me
To get help in paring down my home and getting a 2nd bathroom
Pat Davidson
Prayer Request For a friend struggling - Mental Healing, and Pain in the hand and feet, releasing this over to you Lord, for we know that you are able, to do all things if it be your will, trusting you with it all in Jesus Name.
Praying for my heart! Lord help me open up to new love, new relationships and a man after your heart.
I am praying for a compassionate, growing, and impactful school year as a beginning teacher.
Celestria Hill
Dear Lord, you see my heart, I am thankful for how far you have brought me, now I am praying for a good job and one after my heart. Amen
Healing for my grieving family members Julian and Jabria
salvation and sanctification for and God-ordained reconciliation with a loved one
Asking for prayer for giving up complete control and submit to God 100%. I tend to get in the way ALOT and block my own blessing and miss the lessons and it’s been going on too long and caused too much stress, anxiety and unnecessary worry. I ask for prayer to learn to accept that I do deserve God’s promises and to enjoy life without owing anyone anything! I pray for financial discipline and for my 3 children to see God through me so that they get closer to God. I pray also for my marriage and my husband. Thank you!
Cerise Gibson
Prayer for my friend Doris who’s giving 2to6 months to live
Audrey Straker
For transportation and a home for my daughter and grandson
For clarity on my career path to use my gift and purpose in life, as well as a financial miracle
Prayer Request For Ms. Elnora, In Her Health, Touch Heal, and Remove The Pain From Her Back and Feet, She's trusting you and is Faithful and bible believing. Lord Let your will be done, We Give It Over To You Oh Lord, With Thanks - Amen!
Nee Nee
continued sanctification in my relationship with Christ. putting Him first in all that i do
Resort my family and strengthen David’s faith in the lord.
June Jones
Praying for wisdom and clarity for my business
PLEASE TELL ME WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH A 19 YEAR RELATIONSHIP. I'm nor happy, he's not happy. I'm believe in being faithful and I belive he does also. however his action towards me are strain. I need to know what to do. talking has not render any solutions. God direct me to where I should go.
Charrise Lomax
Lord please give me fresh eyes to see what's happening. Amen!
Please pray for me to have clarity and make the correct decision about my marriage. Continue to wait on God for restoration or file for a divorce. We have been separated for almost 4 years now, my husband has expressed not wanting the marriage but has not filed for divorce. I keep getting different messages on God's restoration power and letting go of the past so God can give me something better.
Restoration of my relationship with Tatenda
Natsirai Chirombo
Heavenly father please give comfort and strength o my cousins as they are burying thier dear mother today
for a renewed mind, Devon protection for my family and to hear God's voice and to receive the monies that I need to to fix my car
Draw our Caleb to yiu. Surround him with Godly young adults his age seeking you. Ignite his faith and confidence. Help him to believe for himself. Heal my husband from anger. Be the Lord of my daughter’s life. Deliver me from fear and anxiety about my future
Prayer for financial freedom and for resources for funding to get and open my ALF.
Replacement of our air/heating conditioning unit be installed by a reputable, professional person/company.
The fruit of my womb and other women who desire to conceive a child
A. J.
My son as he goes off to Salisbury University later this month
For peace to reign in my family again, and for the devil to flee & for forgiveness to one day be done.
Chiamaka Nweke
I’m believing God for a job as a supervisor at westgate resorts
That my brother Charlie would receive a new kidney and that his mindset would shift to be more healthy.
James Harris
For strength to my friend Yohara and her family passing through trouble time.
for my son Jose to know Jesus and serve God 🙌
My son and wife seek God's guidance . Healing past hurts
Healing of family members cancer diagnosis
Family member to overcome addiction
I pray that my son and his wife will put God first in their marriage, and they will restore their marriage.
That me and my daughter’s father
Felicia Martinez
That me and my daughter’s father
Felicia Martinez
I pray that my sister’s husband will come to know the Lord and be free from the spirit of malice, hatred and unforgiveness
Imorame Jennifer
I pray that my sister will pass her background check for her new job and will succeed in her new role.
I’m praying for God to help me forgive those that have hurt me in the past and that I release them in light.
Praying for financial freedom and clarity for my next career move
Praying for God to heal my body from sickness and become healthy.
Healing for my aunt, spiritual revival for me, to not get familiar with God’s deeds
A friend of mine named Tosha Pressley is dealing with an older ailing mom, stress from work, a niece that should be on her own by now, and I am asking God to give her clarity that will bring peace into her life. She takes care of everyone else and never has time for herself.
That God can help heal and restore my relationship.
I am currently unemployed. Praying for career placement (aligned with God's will). Stability with career and life (I use to be a runner). Better financial stewardship (end the cycle of poverty). Learning to allow God to take charge and I follow His plan and not my own, regardless what reality looks like.
Victory over anxiety, nourishment over disordered eating, open to love and be loved in a committed relationship.
Praying that my daughter Quiera does not have any adverse reaction to this medication she has to take tonight. That it will not harm her or her pregnancy in Jesus name!
Breakthrough in mental health
New Job
Favor in academics and finances
praying for a return offer from my internship
Prayer my friend that God grant sucesss as she retakes her NCLEX exam in two weeks
That I discover and walk in God’s purpose for my life
C. J
With Thanksgiving in my Heart, I Want to Lift My Daughter Up To You Lord. She has chosen to LIVE for Christ and Has Been Baptized and Is Current Seek You diligently, what a Blessing. Lord Please Encourage Her In Connections With Believers and Non Believers. When You Chose Christ, Its Declaring Warfare Against the Enemy of our soul. I come against Any Strongholds that she might encounter in the NAME OF JESUS. Lord Grant Her Spiritual Decernment that she might learn to rely of the HOLY Spirit and Place Her Faith In YOU LORD and not Man. LET NO WEAPONS FORM prosper. Elevate Her to her Rightful Place In CHRIST so that she might be a light and a Blessing for you oh Lord. I pray for reconcilation in all broken relationship that you ordinate . Trusting you with ALL of THIS In the Matchless NAME OF JESUS !!! AMEN!!!
I’m praying for a financial breakthrough, remote job, mental and physical healing, strength and a good report back from my Ct scan.
I pray that next Monday, the Lord is with me while I retake my pharmacy licensure test. During my first test I was diagnosed with COVID the day before and also feel as if I lacked confidence during the first exam. Next Monday however, I pray that God is with be during my exam. That he will relieve me of any anxiety and if it is his will that he allows me to pass my exam. In Jesus name I pray, amen
Taylor Williams
Praying God to soften my heart that life has harden. I don't want to feel numb
I pray for a deeper relationship with God and to know His purpose for my life
I'm believing that God will help me with my 14 year old give her the strength and wisdom and help with our relationship, Help me with my financial issues and what ever is for me is for me. I pray for a home I can afford and a husband that God has for me.
I'm believing that God will help me with my 14 year old give her the strength and wisdom and help with our relationship, Help me with my financial issues and what ever is for me is for me. I pray for a home I can afford and a husband that God has for me.
I am believing that God will overflow in my finances to allow me to pay everything I have to do this month and be generous on each occasion.
I am believing that God will overflow in my finances to allow me to pay everything I have to do this month and be generous on each occasion.
I am believing that God will create hunger for His presence in my life and my families lives. I also rebuke monkeypox or any virus from my family and friends lives. May we not live life in fear as we know that we are covered in the blood of Jesus.
I am believing God for financial increase as I an looking for a fall internship. I am believing that God will bless my financially so that I can comfortably move in, pay my rent, pay for school and afford the best birthday ever.
I am believing that God will allow this month to bring peace and joy. As I enter my birthday month allow Him to overflow blessings over my life
I am believing that God will heal my parents from any guilt that they may feel over their situation as well as depression that the enemy tries to tie them into due to their circumstances. Allow them to seek God fully when they doubt or feel sorrow
I am believing that God will take care of my school bill so that I can register and still get into all of the classes that I need for the semester.
Naomi O
I’m praying for peace. The same person has hurt me a few times and I keep forgiving. I’m asking God for the strength to focus on my life and all he has for me. Heal my heart lord.
True repentance, healing of diseases,, Family salvation and deliverance. Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
Please pray for my nephew Tony, he has been diagnosed bipolar and struggling very badly with his mental health. Pray for a release of demonic stronghold and overall health mentally and spiritually and physically.
Pray for college, removing generational curses, more happiness, more discipline, wisdom, better friends, family and protection! Thank you in advance!
Jasmine Connally
Pray for college, removing generational curses, more happiness, more discipline, wisdom, better friends, family and protection! Thank you in advance!
Jasmine Connally
Pray for college, removing generational curses, more happiness, more discipline, wisdom, better friends, family and protection! Thank you in advance!
Jasmine Connally
Pray for college, removing generational curses, more happiness, more discipline, wisdom, better friends, family and protection! Thank you in advance!
Jasmine Connally
Pray for college, removing generational curses, more happiness, more discipline, wisdom, better friends, family and protection! Thank you in advance!
Jasmine Connally
Praying for freedom from my mental thoughts that have been stealing my joy and peace, and keeping me up at night. The enemy will not win. May the Good Lord give me victory from all forms of anxiety and depression.
Father I pray your safety and protection over me. I had an unsafe encounter last month and then yesterday another encounter with the same person. I pray that you keep me from encountering this person ever again in Jesus name!. I pray that you remove them from the areas I am in and keep me safe. I pray for your divine intervention on this situation. The worry is causing more fear in my life which is something I have been working on, it is distracting me from prayer from sleep and taking over my thoughts. I need your help in Jesus name allow me to be invisible to people who are not safe or people who will disrupt my peace and give me anxiety, fear, discomfort or cause me to feel unsafe. I don't want to feel like I have to hide and not go out, keep me close to you God get this person the help they need so they are not a danger to anyone in Jesus name. Give me peace allow me to let this go so I can be focused and hopeful during this season of prayer because this situation really has discouraged and distracted me.
healing : grandmother is having complications with her heart. Great grandmother is getting over Covid. We’re praying that she doesn’t have any lingering issues.
Praying for my brother and sister in law for a healthy and safe labor and delivery of my niece and God's protection over their family and marriage.
Praying for my Kingdom marriage. I know my spouse is on the way. I pray that God continues to prepare my heart to receive and honor the man of God He will send to me.
My husband has has an ongoing vision issue, but in the last few weeks he’s lost significant vision in one eye. Options appear limited, but God is more than able to restore!
God will continue to increase my capacity to be and do what he is calling me to. God will supply the resources and all the support to sustain all he has for me.
Praying for God to reveal the next step He has for me to take. I've been walking through a desert season of my life and I'm seeking revelation and restoration in the harvest season that I know is coming.
Pray that generational curses be broken - alcoholism, drug abuse, anger, mental health.
I pray that GOD steps in the center of my marriage. Right now it seems very unbearable. I pray for your mercy because I know I have taken steps in the wrong direction. I pray that you remove all the hate all the distractions from my life and help me to put my focus on you. I’m grateful for you and the blessings and miracles you have given me. And I know this is a minor bump in the road but lord this seems like this situation I cannot get through. Open my eyes so I can see and clean my ears so I can hear your voice but allow me to have the strength to block out the voices of the enemy and I make decisions based on you dear god. Mend my heart because I am beyond broken and hurt. I am asking you god for a revelation step in and take control of my life.
Gerard Bingham II
Keep me Focus so I can become near to God.I am struggling with my finances and need to keep above all in order to keep myself and children in our home.
I’m praying over my mind, that thoughts of depression and anxiety will no longer take over my energy. I pray that i free myself from the shackles of negative self talk that
Amanda E
Pray for Malcolm’s salvation. Soften his heart. Give him courage.
Promotion, closer to God, family, Job security
I pray that Jesus continues to be a part of every decision that I make in my life. I want to always include him in any thoughts that crosses my mind. I want to pray for childlike faith in my life
Pray that my family have breakthroughs take away their depression, anxiety help their minds stop sppining
Marvelyn Davis
I pray for the health of my son D'Zire and my nephews: Cameron, Cairo, Calvin and neices: Kevin, Nia, Valencia and Jalena
Guetteline Portee
I pray for a continued healthy pregnancy, that my baby continue to grow healthy & strong and for a safe delivery for when the time comes.
Praying that I never grow weary in welldoing as I lead my home in building His Kingdom 🙏🏽
Praying to conceive after 10+ years of secondary infertility
I pray for peace and healing for the family and community of one of my students who just passed away
Prayer for being grounded in what God’s word says. Knowing his word and testing my knowledge the way Paul before he started his ministry
Jeyson Cabrera
I’m praying that my husband and son have a closer relationship. That I have a closer relationship with our girls and that my husband is promoted this September and remains faithful as he keeps his job.
Lord, open my eyes, ears, and heart to you. Allow me to see, hear, and fulfill your purpose for me. Teach me to walk by faith and not by sight. To trust in you more now than ever before. Help me connect with you on a deeper level- to come to you daily - not just in bad times but also in good.
Praying healing over my family and cousins after the loss a one of our cousins
Ryan Mesidor
Provide me with the guidance and armor to be the leader in my community to help save our youth. Amen!
Confirmation about what God wants me to do in ministry. If this is a season he wants me to step up I asked for supernatural provision.
Praying For Eliane’s salvation, praying that He surrenders his life to God
Restoration of my son Caleb’s faith in Jesus. Pray the Lord surround him with Godly friends who can build him up. Heal his left ear
Alishia Potter
For my friend Avery to open his heart to Jesus like never before! God, I know that you are able to do this and I will not stop praying! In Jesus name, Amen!
Breonna Williams
For God to speak to husband on where to attend church clarity and peace. Godly men and women in our life. We are believing God for a baby.
Sherah Okiya
I pray that my sons father finds peace and joy. Amen!
Praying for my Grandmother suffering from arthritis that is consistently causing pain and discomfort for her every night
Increased disciplina awareness of wise financial store shook. Boldness in business and faith over fear and what God has given me to Stewart. Pray for my marriage that I will be stronger. Pray for my children as they begin the school year. Pray for my uncle who is battling prostate cancer that he gets a miraculous diagnosis this week. Pray for my grandmother who turns 97 next month. Pray for my mother that she will find healing from old wounds. Pray for my father they will be miserable well. Pray for my mother-in-law that she will heal from her hip and continue to get an increased revelation of who God is. Pray that God will use my family to increase the knowledge in awareness of Christ is throughout my extended family
I pray for a healthy delivery of my baby girl and easy recovery of us both.
I pray that my son and I continue to build and heal from the trauma of our past. Amen!
I pray over my family, that those that don’t know Jesus come to know Him and be saved. That they see His goodness, love & grace. And that my friend’s start to prioritize God’s community & they join a connect group this semester so they don’t do life alone.
To not be distracted by continuing my relationship with God and to be involve with His community. Also, learn more about His word and obey His word.
Adeola O
Praying for financial freedom, becoming debt free, and provision from God. My husband and I are facing a lot of financial strain as we’re trying to pay for dental and fertility treatments on top of the bills we already have. Praying and asking that God’s grace and favor be upon us at this time asking Him for strength to face it all and remain in His presence
Praying for financial breakthrough in my family
Praying for the spirit of fear , depression , and unforgiveness. That the darkness of these spirits will not overpower my loved ones. That the light of Jesus will shine in their lives and give them peace
End my father's homelessness and heal his heart
Prayer for my family who are believers but praying for an increase in there faith. That God may reveal himself in a deeper level to them. Also praying for God to use me to lay hands on them and to friends.
Jeyson Cabrera
I pray for my families strength as we are approaching my grandmothers death date anniversary. Amen!
Father I praise you for all that you WiLL do if you see fit. Lord please allow me to claim permanent healing. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. I surrender all areas to you because only you can do wonderful and marvelous miracles. I ask that you continue to do a great work in me oh Lord . I praise you. I thank you in advance, in your name amen!
DeAndra Brown
Praying for my tribe and community of people. And the right group for me to join in September.
I pray that my father is HEALED from prostate cancer. Amen!
I want me son Jose to know Jesus and to used him for his purpose
I'm in my early thirties with no spouse, no kids, and no group of friends. I'm worried that another 30 years will go by and nothing will change. Praying for kingdom relationships. Praying for peace. Praying for wisdom. Praying for comfort.
I pray that my business takes off and I can help protect many legacies and lives. In Jesus name Amen!
My grandmother's health, my health, my job, my new clothing brand, and my new relationship.
Adeola Odutola
Continue to give me Your strength to keep pushing through Round II of chemo. Allow me to use this time to reflect & share my testimony so that it may help another around me. Keep me focused & positive. I'm already healed. In Jesus' name
A Ovia
To find a Christian husband
Praying for divine intervention with getting a remote job, closing on my new home, and moving to Charlotte, NC. I need to be out of my apartment by October and I'm praying that God will make a way for me.
Praying for a viable pregnancy. Going through treatment right now, and trusting that God will bless my husband and I with healthy children. Also praying that God blesses us with revelation about what his plan and purpose for us is and how we should use the gifts He’s given us for His glory. Believing that Julius, Chelsea, Dominique, Christina l, Camille, Vanessa and Kearisen come to know God and grow their relationship with him and are welcomed home
I pray that mental health becomes a norm and our nation can start to heal from the trauma. Amen
Financial freedom - debt free and enough income to buy a home
I pray my cousin secured housing before her baby is born in a couple of months.
I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and blessed with a wonderful husband, but pray after 6 years that our marriage will no longer be long-distance. I pray that God clears the extreme obstacles in our path so that my husband and I will be reunited forever and especially during this beautiful time in our lives.
Heavenly Father, Holy Friend, I thank You for how You’ve richly blessed my life. I pray, if it is in Your Will, that I am blessed with my husband in this season. Make me ready oh God to receive him and enter this next phase of my life.
For my father, Roger, to know Jesus and become saved.
I pray that the offer I submitted for 115 Lemoyne Ave is my sons and I new address. In Jesus name Amen!
For everything in my court case to be in my favor
I am praying that you put me in a space where I have a constant relationship with you. I am ready to be obedient and receive the revolution you have for me Lord! Amen!
I pray for salvation for my sons and for my husband to come back to Jesus.
I ask for our father's divine attention through everything I go through.
Being able to be provided with a new job that I will be able great at and will be cared for. I have been unemployed for 3 months.
I pray that I will pass my Praxis tests and finish my teacher certification.
Brenda García to conceive a baby.
Being able to submit my body and desires to God so I can stop having to deal with sensual sin
Financial Stewardship, Discernment for All
Financial Stewardship, Discernment for All
Financial Stewardship, Discernment for All
I am praying for guidance, healing, understanding, and peace from God. As I take this journey to get to build my relationship, I ask for strength and not to allow my current reality to affect my faith
Praying for direction going into the residency match season.
Grow in relationship with Christ. Consistency in my prayer life.
Praying for guidance, healing, understanding, and peace from God. As I take this journey to get to build my relationship I ask for strengthen for not
Praying for guidance, healing, understanding, and peace from God. As I take this journey to get to build my relationship I ask for strengthen for not
Praying for guidance, healing, understanding, and peace from God. As I take this journey to get to build my relationship I ask for strengthen for not
Praying for guidance, healing, understanding, and peace from God. As I take this journey to get to build my relationship I ask for strengthen for not
Praying for guidance, healing, understanding, and peace from God. As I take this journey to get to build my relationship I ask for strengthen for not
A desperation and constant devotion to God and His word
A new job and environment to actually grow
A new job and environment to actually grow
Praying for a full ride scholarship and/or financial assistance getting to get through college stress free
Deasia Cottrell
God to reveal what my true destiny is
I desire a wife
I pray for my friend Catherine to return to Jesus. She grew up Christian but left. Currently the enemy keeps her busy with sickness and fear.
I pray for my friend Catherine to return to Jesus. She grew up Christian but left. Currently the enemy keeps her busy with sickness and fear.
My immune system will start building up on its own.
Salvation for adult children Justin Lauren Camron Anthony and Megan
My wife and I need to put our two children in daycare. We've signed them up to begin October 1st, however we need $3000 a month to pay for it. We need prayer to find additional income by the time they start. Thank you for your willingness to pray for our situation.
Calvin Richardson Jr
Praying for divine intervention with getting a remote job, closing on my new home, and moving to Charlotte, NC. I need to be out of my apartment by October and I'm praying that God will make a way for me.
I'm in my early thirties with no spouse, no kids, and no group of friends. I'm worried that another 30 years will go by and nothing will change. Praying for kingdom relationships. Praying for peace. Praying for wisdom. Praying for comfort.
Praying for God to guide me into the right career to use the gifts and purpose He has for me despite what I may think.
My daughters Kaitlyn and Kierston for emotional and mental toughness during crisis and to develop a deeper relationship with Christ Jesus.
Leslie Howard
Healing over my mother and that the cancer leaves her body fully without reoccurring.
Praying for God to grant healing over my mouth and for him to guide the financial office of the Dentist when the time comes.
Praying for God to grant healing over my mouth and for him to guide the financial office of the Dentist when the time comes.
Praying for restoration
Find a spouse and eventually successfully starting a family.
Find a spouse and eventually successfully starting a family.
Please pray for protection and healing for our family. Pray that I'm taking the next right steps.
Please pray that my husband and I can afford daycare for our children, for our health to improve and for my husband's business to prosper.
Jennifer Richardson
That God will come through for us in our house search. Also thank God for his love and goodness unto my household
Praying for healing for my daughters from bipolar, anxiety and ADHD
For divine provision
praying for my Sister married,healing of her leg,career, family unity ,hedge of protection and wisdom and follow God's voice.
Healing from fertility issues. Praying for God's miraculously hands to show in doctor's report within the next few weeks
A job with the right mentors, opportunities to lead, learn, and grow to prepare me for what called God has called me to do in corporate world.
Praying for a God ordained kingdom marriage that God will align my steps with that of my spouse
Praying for a understanding of God"s calling on my life. world peace. my family to rekindle their relationship with god and going a church were they can fellowship with other like minded christ believers,i desire a open heart,ear,mouth to speak the word of god and tell others of His possibilities . to surrender control. to listen without judgement.
Praying for my friend career,financial breakthrough,heal/comfort from the loss of their parent.
Praying for healing in my body. Miraculous healing. Lifestyle changes and consistency that will bring about healing- normal blood pressure, normal blood pressure without medications. Healing from stress and things that cause these issues to rise within. I give it to God.
God, I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. You delivered me from homeless and gave me the strength and will power to take care of my child. Get a vehicle and a wonderful career. Lord let me be humbled in your presence as I ask for more of you. I need more of you. In Jesus name I pray AMEN.
Praying for my brothers healing from cancer. I’m praying for God to help me stay desperate and focused on Him (not to be swayed by the pressures of life). Praying for a green card at the end of my school and a good job after graduation. Praying for good health (physically and emotionally). Praying for help with my finances both an increase and better stewardship. Praying for Shawn, Kenneth and Kamal to really encounter God and know Him.
Hannah Bako
Encouragement For A Friend Facing Challenging in Their Marriage, and in there Home With Flooding, Lord Send a Miraculous Blessing Their Way, Comfort and Keep Them in Your Loving Arms As They Endure This Season Of Long Suffering. Be With Them In Jesus Name
I pray for a closer relationship with GOD, that I hear his words and lean with understanding even if its difficult. I pray that my dad recovers from Cancer. I pray that I am delivered from anxiety and depression. I pray that my kids feel the love of their father GOD in the absence of their father hear on earth. I pray for a financial breakthrough, that I am debt free and increase my income; that I be a good steward of my finances. I pray that my life become an example and inspiration for others. Lastly, I pray that GOD send me the love that was destined for me.
Claire Clayton
For God to take care of all my worries. I’m praying for God to give me everlasting peace and handle every situation that keeps me up at night. I’m asking God for divine Intervention so I begin to see all encompassing growth and progress in my life..
That in the midst of this financial crisis, where there’s more month than money…God will remain the Head of my finances and that He reveals ways to wait on Him as He works something in me or out of me! I trust Him and His plan, In Jesus Name!
That I remember God’s promise to bless us with a 3rd baby. And that I not get discouraged.
My mom has been caregiver for my dad. Praying for her heart to not harden towards him as he continues to change his health habits. That my father welcomes her help with love. And that my dad will move around more - that the body aches and pains he feels will lessen so that he can become more active. That someone of influence will enter his life so that hy dad will have a more meaningful relationship with you.
Special Request For A Mother In Christ, Lord Please Give Her A Clarity, remove anxiety and fear, loneliness, that try to rob her of the JOY you have given to her, REVIVE in her PEACE, JOY, CLARITY, and an ABUNDANCE restoration and reassurance that she is loved and comforted. Heal all the broken pieces, and elevate and restore Her to her right place so that she Might Serve You and Your Kingdom Purpose.. In Jesus Name. AMEN!!
Nee Nee
TRUSTING GOD to REMOVE The Spirit Of Fear, That I BE Empower With Love, Power and a Sound Mind ( IN JESUS NAME ) , To Serve God Limitlessly. I am Ready To Order Up God's Promises, of Peace, Love, Abundance, I am Worthy, I Declare It, I will submit Myself as a living sacrifice and I will NOT Give Up, I will Pray Without ceasing, YES AND AMEN!!!
Nee Nee
1. Be an ambassador for Christ in every sphere of my, finances, relationship. Believe God for healing, financial and marital breakthrough
Ukachi Anuniru
That the mother and father of my grandchild would know God and surrender to God and His ways. That they would forgive each other. That they would put aside their anger so they can raise my granddaughter.
I pray that I have a true heart revival. I want to experience and know God more than ever. I want to feel his presence in my life daily. I want him to change me from the inside out.
I’m believing God that my daughters will come to know God and desire to have their own relationship with Him. That my 12 year old will only desire the approval of her Heavenly Father more than than of her peers. I pray that she will do better in school and she will go back to being on the honor roll. May she excel in high school in Jesus name.
Nicole Cleveland
Praying for my business and my husband business to grow even in these uncertain times .Praying my for both my daughters healing from extreme depression
Praying that my parents health is restored and that they begin to have a better quality of life. Praying that my Dad finds peace and that his heart be softened. Praying that he finds the will and passion to live.
Standing in the need of prayer for guidance and wisdom to not move until God say so. Praying for financial freedom and the good stewardship to get out of debt the buy a house for me and my children. Praying for my family to turn their hearts to God. Also praying for my Pastor and First Lady in Louisville, Ky to be a good steward of Gods people. For my church family to become more unified and have a heart for all Gods people and to show more compassion and love for one another. I also asking for prayer to cover my children Martin and Mckenize.
Alisa Sexton
I pray for a heart transformation and resolve to be God’s solution. I pray to be rid of fear, overthinking, and inadequacy regarding sharing my faith and talking to others about Jesus. I pray to choose obedience over comfort, God’s truth over the devil’s lies.
I’m praying for God’s promises to be fulfilled in our family. We would love to finally grow our family and are asking for healthy babies. Thank you, Lord
Please pray over my grandson to always keep him safe from harm and keep him happy. Please pray for my daughter that she would be able to get her financial affairs in order and that her life will become less stressed. I pray that the people in her life will continue to get a long for my grandson peace of mind and a new baby on the way. Lord I pray for you to protect them and please keep them happy safe and financially secure. I worry about my daughter and grandson a new baby too..I pray that you would help me not worry and have anxiety about them..and help me find my life again. I just bbn pray that me and my family stay happy,healthy,and safe. Thank you. Amen
My husband and I have been praying for a baby .It has been years and just feeling very discouraged to be honest that it will not happen.keep us in prayer for a little one however they might come .
Tiffany Carraway
Prayer for my husband's salvation
deeper understanding of god word. to hear the voice of god.and my prayer family to be forgiven in back in Fellowship with the church
2. Believing for financial increase in my stock trading to be able to quit my job and serve God's people
Andre Poole
Lord, you are the God who sees me. Thank you. Please deliver my husband from his sadness, depression, and suicidal struggles. Bring people into his life that glow with the presence of your love so that he will be drawn to seek you. Lead him in a walk with you. Rest his racing mind. Let him feel your arms wrapped around him tightly in a way that fills him beyond explanation. Heal him. Bring him to his knees so that he is desperate for you as I am. Cut his heart so that your love can enter. Heal him and our marriage. Give him a new heart and let him see you through mine. Amen.
Jonna Kirkpatrick
Prayer for protection and coverage as I move to Houston. Prayer for Franklin and Lawrence as they move to Houston. Protection for them, find purpose, deeper connection to God… Peace and growth that is Godly between Franklin and I. Help this new transition in our life be of purpose… for my father who is getting older, I ask for health, happiness, and peace… for my friends who will be in town next weekend. I ask you to speak to their heart and allow all of us to wake up so we can physically be present for prayer Saturday morning. Regardless of how tired we are and what we have to do
Venessa Cesar
I am praying for myself, my daughter and the children who have to return back to school this month. I am praying for our safe against violence, sickness and any factors that may come about. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Healing and pain relief for my mother.
I’m praying for a relationship with God. I’m praying to seek God to know what his love feels like.
Praying for a new job opportunity within this next month
Nikeosea Richardson
Praying for family members to come to Christ This year My dad, my brother, cousins, sister. Praying for a safe and healthy Jr year this year also praying for My body to be healed of any sickness
For my father to know God
Krista Barham
1. Believing for children-twins
Andre Poole
I pray that the Lord will miraculously grant me admission into a new nursing school (USG), despite my academic history.
Asking for prayer for my mom she says she believes in God but she’s not committed to him and she really going through hell right now my grandma recently passed away and my uncles won’t help with anything. There is nothing I can do except pray to my God that is a healer, a way maker, a deliverer, a friend, my all in all. I my mom to want to be healed I want her to want more of God. I want to be able to release and not feel guilty.
Tabree Houston
I pray that God fulfills all of his promises in my life. I pray that my family finds a place to call home. I pray that God leads me to a job that utilizes my gifts. I pray that he uses me to do his work.
Praying for a financial breakthrough and good job.
I recently had surgery (August 2nd) and am praying for a smooth recovery. For my health to be better than it was before surgery.
Praying for a good Hifh
That my children and family members come to know God. That I trust God's plan for my life and no grow weary. Financial increase, good health, wisdom .
Praying for forgiveness and healing in my heart, praying against anger and anxiety over my husband.
Praying for the miracle of life and that my husband I will grow our family and become parents.
A Small
Healing from stomach pain (food poisoning)
Steven Hunt
For financial freedom & a first home for my husband and I
I want a real relationship with the Lord where I hear His voice and direction for my life, trusting Him totally with faith and no fear. I desire to see answered prayers. I pray for my husband to live and not die and be healed.
Joann Abrams
Praying for healing for my father in law who has a return of cancer; my father who is a dialysis patient and in of a kidney; for peace, order and restoration for my place of business; my daughter as she returns back to in person learning at a new school; for the strength and endurance as I return to school for a doctoral program; for my marriage and parenting; mental and physical health
Believing that God will provide a solution to my largest debt.
Miranda James
I pray that I can eliminate all distractions so that I can hear what God is trying to tell me.
I pray to God to help heal me through this rough time. Help revive my life and deliver from the evil that tries to pull me back. I have to face a situation that I have never been a part of because of something I didn’t do but because of another person’s wrong. So I pray for forgiveness and healing!
Keith Smothers
Salvation for family members. Justin Lauren Anthony Megan and Camron.
Praying for restoration and healing in my marriage from past hurt and distrust.
For my husband to turn back to Jesus
Praying for revival in my marriage and that my husband will soften his heart and find forgiveness and try to rebuild our marriage.
Praying that God restores and heals my marriage from
Trenton Cokley
Healing of my dad, and restoration of my mom from caregiver burnout. Improvement in their daily lives to make things smoother.
Praying that God sows a deep and unquenchable desire for him. I want to just do his will
I pray that God heal me from anxiety, worry and fear.
Praying for God to help halt my cycle of sin. I keep going back to things God has delivered me from!
Wisdom for my husband, daughter, kids and grandchildren. Health , wholeness , joy and peace. Along with a sound mind! In Jesus Name Amen 🙏🏾
Mrs Pullen
I pray that God heal me from
Brethren, please can you pray forMe
Brethren, please can you pray for
Praying for restoration over my mind. Healing from the feelings of anxiety, depression, and fear.
Praying for my marriage that we can find vision and a mission for us to work on together. Allow us to have the path for us that would serve you.
For my father to turn back to Christ and repent for all he has done since falling away
I pray that my family stay protected. My sibling are out here trying to navigate this world the best way we know how. Our mother passed away 4 years ago. Our father isn't around and we all just need some guidance. I pray God put people in our lives that will help us to elevate. I pray mentors and friends that love him cross our paths. I pray each of us in our respective careers are successful. I pray on those days we feel lost and alone that God continues to cover us. In Jesus name. Amen
Praying God would allow me to remarry. Praying God would redeem my story and bless me with a union that is blessed,lasts a life time and is fruitful. Praying for a healed heart.
Praying for my triggers and my anger allow me the handle them more powerfully especially when I am dismissed.
For my husband who is currently in a small country in Africa to be able to safely leave and join me and are soon to be born child in the United States. Praying that our 6-year long distance marriage is no longer long-distance.
Perfect eyesight restored to my right eye. That the internal bleeding stops in my eye.
Praying for my grandmother in Canada that is now struggling with Arthritis that has taken over her bosy now
Salvation for my adult children. Justin and Lauren, Anthony and Megan, Camron
A God-fearing and healthy marriage. A marriage that honors God and each other.
For salvation for my unsaved family members and unity in my family.
For a deeper relationship with God and constantly growth in Him?
I pray for my friend Catherine to return to Jesus. Although nothing seems to happen on the outside, the enemy's attacks show something is going on. The devil currently keeps her busy with sickness and fear.
Guidance in what's next; for God to restore my ability to write songs; God to bless my husband to find me or make it clear if the man I'm with is my husband.
Pray for God to open doors to my destined mate so that I fulfill my destined path.
Pray for my family.
Rosalyn Young
pray for Julian to run back to the Lord and devote himself to God
please pray for Julia ‘s salvation and sanctification in the Lord and for reconciliation in our relationship in Jesus’ name
Healing in my body and mental disorders. It's been difficult focusing and staying motivated.
Maturity and a great paying job for our youngest daughter.
Renewed zeal for our marriage. The right mate and marriage for our oldest daughter. Marriage and a love and desire for God for our youngest daughter and her significant other. Emotional healing for our household. Mental and physical wellness for our household. Protection fir all in our household when it comes to our jobs. Favor on our jobs.
Lisa Durham
Cover myself and my loved ones with the blood of Jesus and order our steps in his word. In Jesus mighty name. Amin
My Dad’s health is very bad. I pray that he loves to see my wedding day or a beautiful celebration amongst the family. He has such a big beautiful heart, I just wish he would stop having strokes/heart attacks.
My longtime boyfriend to obtain the job that he needs to support his needs. Also praying for positive news from soccer agent.
For my mom to receive the help she needs for her spiritual condition.
For my husband getting accepted in & successfully completing the police academy, me obtaining gainful employment by the end of this month, and that the remainder of 2022 will be blessed beyond anything we could even ask or imagine.
J Cler
I ask that God continue to order my steps and have favor over my life, my family, & my friends.
Ceirra Johnson
I pray that God continue to order my steps
Ceirra Johnson
Complete healing in my body and restoration.
Praying that My children will have a more intentional relationship with God. That their lives and relationships will be transformed for their good by God
I am praying for healing from insomnia and anxiety.
I am asking God for direction, His vision of my purpose, strength, and the forgiveness and honesty needed for my family to progress in all areas of life.
Discernment on whether to stay in my marriage.
My daughter had a hard time last school year due to bullying. Praying for a wonderful upcoming school year and that she will find real, true friendships.
I am believing and asking for more. More income (over 10k/mo), more influence, more faithful friends, more healing in my body, more love (to find my husband), more clarity, more vision, more of what God has for me!
I am believing for my brother to be saved & for his depression & stuttering to be no more!
I am believing God for financial freedom and the funds to finish graduate degreedebt free.
Emotional healing, wisdom, favor and guidance in my career
Financial freedom and wisdom
Financial freedom and wisdom
Freedom from depression, self hate, mean/hateful thoughts of myself. I want to feel and be happy again. Break chains of generational curses and my mistakes hunting me. I want to feel, live and be free again.
Break unhealthy soultie & we both can move on & stand righteous. Grandparents heath. Mental illness i struggle in silence. I need deliverance and freedom in my mind and spirit.
I pray that the chain of depression is broken for my oldest daughter. And that God continues to protect me, my mom and both my girls.
Kristen Smith
Praying that (if its in His will) I get this job Ill be interviewing for within the next few weeks. Im asking for MORE... Director position with 28K raise!
Kristen Smith
My baby’s father and I just split recently, and I am working hard on trying to find myself with God and fix the relationship if that’s God’s will. Please pray that we figure things out and get through these troubling times for the benefit of the baby .
I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and am experiencing a lot of stress and troublesome things at home. Please pray for the health and strength of my baby .
I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and am experiencing a lot of stress and troublesome things at home. Please pray for the health and strength of my baby .
I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and am experiencing a lot of stress and troublesome things at home. Please pray for the health and strength of my baby .
I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and am experiencing a lot of stress and troublesome things at home. Please pray for the health and strength of my baby .
I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and am experiencing a lot of stress and troublesome things at home. Please pray for the health and strength of my baby .
Ruptured Patella Tendon in both knees and had surgery back in May. Prayer is for healing and strength during this recovery process.
J Ward
My brother is having back surgery tomorrow. Please pray for protect and healing
Healing for Kevin O’Steen ( cardiac event)
Natalie Betancourt
I pray for peace in my spirit and whatever is meant for me.
God, I pray for an amazing job offer. To grant me the job that is meant for me and aligns financially.
God, I pray for an amazing job offer. To grant me the job that is meant for me and aligns financially.
My friend Catherine grew up Christian, but left. I pray Jesus brings her back. Currently, the enemy keeps her busy with sickness and fear. May the Spirit reveal unto her the Love of God.
Praying for my Friend Kenny to give his life to Christ
Praying for God to workout my Greencard and Citizenship, Praying for God’s ordain spouse for me
Sonia Emofonmwan
Praying for an amazing job offer, to increase my finances and align with my purpose
I pray for peace, love, and happiness in my life. I pray that I am aligned with the the right environment and people to find my purpose here in the life. I pray for mental and spiritual growth, preparation for the abundance of blessings that are coming into my life
Praying for more finances, my spiritual growth and future
I am asking for my husband to be delivered from alcoholism and come back to God.
My three 21 days of prayer request 1. My mothers health, she is suffering with Alzheimer’s and Dementia and my elderly father is her primary care taker. I pray for his strength and pray for restoration for my mother. 2. I am believing in God for a godly husband. 3. I am praying for financial break through so I can transition and become the lender and not the borrower
Christine Baptiste
Praying for complete peace, Love and Happiness with my partner. Better communication and consideration for our feelings, showing empathy and building confidence. Praying for prosperity financial stability new opportunities and a sound mind. Getting closer to God and living for him and putting first in all things.
Chaz Moody
Healing from grief and depression for my brother and financial provision for home repairs
Elaine Alvarez
Thank you Lord for your daily protection. Asking for prayers of my husband and I as we enter our new season of trying for our first child. Lord let your will be done.
My prayer request is that God will help me to get a suv truck so that I can get to church. I have been without transportation for over five years. Thank You.
Margaret Moore
My friend who I call my big brother is due to have hip surgery September 17th, please pray for 100% recovery and healing, prayer for all marriages and for those whose marriages ended and now they need to heal from it, prayer for all the children who will be going back to a school building for their safety, I would like a prayer for myself as I prepare for the next chapter in my life retirement, and finding a place to live in a new state.
I ask for healing and faith from Our Father. I ask for his warm embrace on my children through everything and where ever they are. I ask for our Father to use me, keep reminding of how great he is and guide me in his own way.
I pray firstly for resurgence of faith. I ask God to bless my next IVF cycle. I pray I am able to get pregnant and have a safe delivery of a healthy baby. In Jesus name.
Tynesia Smith
Miraculous Natural Conception Despite The Doctor’s Report
I ask for strength and guidance as I have lost both my parents within a 11 days. My job is closing down in 7 days.
Tamatri gale
My daughter Alexandra Castro is drinking alcohol to numb her trauma .pray to let her know that God can heal her pain !
Yeny hay
Father God Thank you for this season of prayer! I pray that you bless us during this time, may we see you move in great ways, give us direction and clarity in the areas we need, may we understand all that you need us to so that we can walk in boldness towards all you have for us in Jesus name Amen
Praying for my cousins, Francisco, Nicholas to find God and run back to him. Praying for new buisness venture that I have begun pursuing. Praying for the church leadership as they continue to grow in the DMV.
john rojas
Giving you thanks, Father; for answered prayers. Continued prayers for protection over my family. I pray for physical healing for my dad and myself. I pray for generational strongholds to be broken. I pray for my kids salvation. I pray for a financial breakthrough. I pray for healing for Mimi, guidance for Amy, freedom/salvation for Jon, motivation for those that need it and ultimately your will, Heavenly Father. Amen.
With Thanksgiving in my Heart and Praise on my lips, I welcome you Jesus to have your way.. In my life.. Create in me a clean heart, wash me through and through, allow your peace and joy to to overwhelm me.. May abundance in of health, mind body and spirit be among us.. withhold no good gifts from us Lord Jesus.. let us elevate your Kingdom for your Glory.. In Jesus Name.. Heal all the brokenness in Jesus Name.. Thanks be too God.. Get is you're people the obedience to enter into 21 days of prayer.. Humbly and open hearted, not only to request more of your goodness but to thank you..
Praying for my sister who is in her third year of med school. She will be working in the hospital and is exposed to diseases everyday. Please protect her and heal her. Praying for financial growth, blessings and knowledge as I start this new chapter in my life
Praying for peace and confidence at work. Please remove all anxieties and insecurities that come with starting a new position in a new field. Also,
Praying for success in passing my NCLEX exam the first time when I take it on the 20th. For the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to lead me and my family’s decisions. For a breakthrough in my mother in law’s immigration paperwork. And overall to no longer be lost in all things, to be able to truly find and attain hope in Jesus. Amen
Faith Sunday Alaga
Let there be a positive change in my life; enough of Stagnancy and failures. I pray for restoration and redemption.
Abayomi Ashiru
I pray for a physical healing from my head to toe. I pray that God continues to totally heal my heart as I recover from a heart attack. Continued strengthening and knowledge in God's Word and message. Continued financial blessing which enables me to help others. Strength and comfort to deal with the sudden loss of my mother in law and my grandson recently. That my relationship with my brothers is strengthened. God will continue to shield and protect my children, my friends and alsonthose that ridicule against me. God please look in on my friends and family that may be dealing with sickness, mental strain, financial strain and emotional strain. That God finds additional favor with healing my mother from a stroke physically and mentally. God please show favor with my in laws as they deal with the sudden loss of Barbara Organ. God to continue ue to move in an extraordinary way with my Co workers. May God conti in to bless our business. May God help me with my mindset and discipline to payoff all of my debt. Remove any sickness or ailment from my body and renew my strength. In Jesus name .......
Shedrick Williams
Thanking God for victory in this legal situation, through Him alone I'm victorious and set free. Amen
I would like prayer for healing from kidney disease, I know God is able and I trust Him with my life. Prayer also for my friend Bruce and his girls as he is dealing with homelessness. I also would like prayer for guidance during this time in my life where alot of childhood trauma issues have been resurfacing lately especially feelings of abandonment. Please also pray for my family and friends, that everyone that God has blessed to be a part of my life will be saved and that whatever their need is in life it will be met...thank you
Ha'Quintiyae Brooks
I give honor to God and my prayer is for healing, and comfort during this difficult time that my grandson was shot and killed. He was only 17 years old and I will say that he was really a good kid. Yes, he decided that hanging with the wrong crowd of his friends he thought was cool and okay but it wasn't. My heart hearts so bad and I cry a lot. I don't blame anyone not do I get mad my grieve is SADNESS and I'm heartbroken. No weird to say how I feel. I pray for my daughter and granddaughter to get healing doing this difficult time in their lives of losing a son and brother and I pray for his dad. I pray that a spiritual blessing surround my house and come into my home and touch my husband and son to bring joy into their lives. Our house is of a lot of sadness but I know the power of God and prayer can help and heal anything. I pray for strength and growth in my faith with God. I pray that I learn how to PRAY and I want to learn how to hear God talk to me. I pray for Ethel who is in a nursing home to get the proper care and nourishment and healing that she need. I pray for Shedrick to provide for his family and get a financial blessing to help his family and mother so that he can have peace in his heart and mind. I'm praying that I continue to help other people even when I'm in a emotional sad place. I pray that I learn more about God and understand the Bible when I read it. I pray for my son and daughter to have financial wealth and also help them find peace and happiness. I pray that no weapons formed against my family will prosper and I pray that God keeps my family covered. I plead the blood of Jesus over Shanel, Dominique, Shedrick, Aaliyah , Dale, Najay and myself. I pray that that these next 21 days show me how to keep praying and how easy it is to pray. My heart is overjoyed right now. Yes praying will be good.
I am praying to be debt free and able to continue on my journey of building wealth. I pray that I can also be a blessing to others and share God's love with all. I pray for God's wisdom and continued guidance over my life and the lives of my loved ones.
I am praying that my son is healed completely. No cancer found in his body.
Carolyn Small
I am praying that God will support me everyday financially during this time of unemployment. I am praying that will be blessed with a new career swiftly living in my purpose for what God has for me and completely fulfilled. I am praying for a positive friendship community
I am asking for prayer for supernatural financial provision from the Lord. I am in a place of lack and want to make it home to Cleveland for my sister's funeral. Please pray that a financial breakthrough and provision comes quickly.
Husband, James receive employment/career, son Joshua diagnosed with autism that God will help him to become more conversational, son Jaiden and daughter Joi, myself revival in my spirit,
Paulette Lewis
I pray for continued healing and strength over our families, as we just lost our grandmother of 94 years old and uncle of 93 years old I pray protection and guidance of our children as they embark their next chapter of life. I pray for removal of all past hurts, fears and any strongholds that is preventing me to elevate. I pray to for our financial growth and to be better stewards of our finances. I pray for an 10k financial increase. I pray for allow to take the step in our relationship with faith. I pray for clarity in our next steps, focus, direction, increased faith, increased in my church family. I pray over our families health and that we found out how manage our sons chest pain. Amen
Rhea Bush
Deliverance from anxiety and depression. Full restoration of my mind and body. Smoother transition into a new space.
Special Request for Mrs. Tyler's upcoming surgical procedure, go before Her, Jesus and guide the hands of the medical staff.. May your Will be done. Restore her in her health.. thanking Jesus . Amen!
$20k raise, real estate investment opportunity, internal focus, more clarity from Holy Spirit with confirmation of the word, alignment with purpose, direction, health focus and wisdom, debt cancellation, 100% paid vacation to Maldives, public speaking opportunities- PAID, mentorship in Business, spiritually, personally, additional revenue rivers.
Amira Boylston’s health
Kelly Haines-Wise
Steadfastness, Financial miracle provision, School success, Business favor and Wisdom
Stephen D. Forbes
I am submitting a prayer request for my mother who is battling cancer and my little brother who is locked up for felony robbery charges. I am overwhelmed and feel disconnected from Christ, while I try to pour into my business, family, and marriage. I am praying for my mother's health and that my brother is safe while incarcerated.
Victor Kidd
I am submitting a prayer request for my mother who is battling cancer and my little brother who is locked up for felony robbery charges. I am overwhelmed and feel disconnected from Christ, while I try to pour into my business, family, and marriage. I am praying for my mother's health and that my brother is safe while incarcerated.
Victor Kidd
Financial Help, Healing, Patience and Happiness
Financial Miracle for bills, tuition and home
Healing And Financial Help,Just Prayers For Strength
Sharnett M Scurry
Praying for a smooth recovery from surgery and my health insurance getting fixed to help cover expenses
Cassandra Pope
I am asking prayer to be debt free and receive my unemployment benefits and salvation for my unsaved family members. Thank you and have a Bless day.
I'm believing with a loved one for a healthy child.
just to obedient to the holy spirit, to recieve full sponsorship for my missionary trips aboard to serve and pray with others,and a hedsge of protection around my families(mind,body,soul)
every abnormality in my sons blood stream be removed. my partners 10 year green card has been long overdue. i pray for grace over my family to flourish in the usa
I am praying for fear and procrastination in my life to be replaced with strength and consistency so that I can go to law school (:
Marriage restoration
I need to be set free from the bondage of pornography. I pray for the strength to resist the temptation to watch it or think about such ungodly things. I want the desire to be completely erased from my life and that I would be able to find a God fearing spouse & be able to build a solid pure relationship with them.
Praying for, believing in and thanking God in advance for the immigration breakthrough for my family and I. Asking for the right speedy processing and miraculous connections that will allow us to have the freedom we desire. Also praying for a job transfer for my father so he can be home with the rest of the family & a wonderful school year for the kids. Thank you!
Marita C.
Pray for fundraising for a new residency program
My boyfriend of a year and a half unexpectedly broke up with me two weeks ago. I need prayer for my wounded heart to become whole again and that I stay present in during the healing process.
I need an apartment that is affordable in a safe clean area with parking. I have been apartment hunting for two years and no such luck. I really desire to live on my own after having 14 different roommates since 2015. I need to move out by the beginning of Spring. Please pray for my faith not waiver in God because after 2 years of searching with no results I am frustrated and my hope is slipping.
Cheyanne Woodard
Healing from traumatic domestic violence events leading to divorce. Overwhelming favor in divorce court on October 27 and 28th. May God open the eyes of my soon to be ex husband and draw him closer to Himself. I pray that my health and joy is restored so that I can walk in freedom and victory instead of fear.
I need guidance on whether to stay where I am or move where I'd be closer to birth family who can provide support for me as caretaker for my husband who has Alzheimer.
Linda Wright-Fuller
Praying and believing that my wife and I will be fruitful and multiply so we can continue helping to build up the kingdom of God. Praying for discernment and increased networking.
Please pray that I get the job at Brightview Senior Living in the activities department! I had an interview on 7/28/22.
Anita Meyerhuber
I pray this is my last season of singleness. I pray for discernment, patience and faithfulness while waiting
Jessica Diegel
I am praying for a dismissal in my case.
Praying for peace after loss of my mother I’ve been so depressed . Just trying to find peace and joy again .
Lord I ask you for guidance and more leadership and in finances and resources Lord I ask you that you let a person come across my way that will love me for me
Leon Blaine III
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I’m praying for an wheelchair accessible home for my family and I. Lord since graduating in April my world been shaken. My peace and foundation been turned upside down and I’m asking for a home of peace, love, and protection. My lease is up in the 20th of this month and I need a home. I’m praying for a private homeowner that’s willing to work with me during this overwhelming times. I’m praying for resources and protection over my son, God. In Jesus name I pray. Amen
Sunshine King
Healing from the trauma of a miscarriage and prayers to have a healthy second child. Praying also for friends believing God for children in their marriages.
Sharee’ Niblack
Focus,joy,devotion,and creativity to glorify God’s work
Heart break, homosexuality, and spiritual understanding
Please pray over the strongholds in this season of my life. I’m asking God for peace in my heart and mind. To have the maturity in faith.
Antoinette Waddell
Praying for success and prosperity. A winning mindset and Divine self concept.
Yinka Bello
I’m praying for guidance, and clarity in this new season of my life. Praying for financial breakthrough
Ryan Williams
Praying for establishment in this land. Also praying for favor and discipline in new pursuing new project ideas
Praying for establishment in this land.
Praying for establishment in this land.
Promotion on my job. Job for my husband and his green card approved
Osaretin Blessing E
Praying for financial breakthrough and for peace that surpasses all understanding
Elaine Yang
Praying for healing for my husband, strength to endure trials on his job, and resolution.
Marian Bland
I’m praying for full restoration/reconciliation with a relationship and deliverance for sexual sin with myself
Ryan Lightbourn
Guidance on whether to stay where I am or move to a different occupation. Which path I need to take. Financial growth, and protection from infections/diseases that threaten my family.
PEACE in every area of my life, a deeper connection with God, unwavering faith, financial freedom
Cynn Smith
I need for the lord to provide guidance, am I to stay in Maryland or head to California.
Geovanni Flores
Please pray for me, for the lord to provide me with guidance. Is staying in Maryland what he wants or is
Geovanni Flores
Pray for my church, Pastor and First Lady and their family. Please pray over my family. And asking God to continue to increase our territory.
Dorothy Price
1. Granted protective order for my mother against boyfriend
Peace, financial and business growth, marriage restoration
Montasha Battle
Prayer for business breakthrough, financial breakthrough, open mind.
Prayer to search my heart and cleanse it. Prayer for my Step father, prayer for life's direction. Prayer for inner peace
Prayer for my mom, my family I stay with in the US. Understandimg of the gospel. Prayer for peace in every areas of my life
Heal brokenness , intervention with School, direction of career path, to be responsible and to get to know God. Family, Nation and Friends
Yvonne Woods
Fathers healing
Tamela Agudo
Fathers healing
Tamela Agudo
That my upcoming biopsy is negative and that every thing that is not of God in my body dries up in the name of Jesus. And all test results are negative.
Carolyn Yeager
My family and I are praying for supernatural results with our home buying/selling process. We also come in agreement that my future mother in law knows her son is in God’s hands, not mine nor hers. Pray for wifely wisdom, discipline and academic commitment in this multifaceted season. In Jesus Name, Amen ❣️
Praying for a deliverance of the bondage pornography has over my life. Praying for financial prosperity. Praying for continued academic success. Praying for my brother to claim victory in his battle with depression. Praying for better understanding of my relationship with my Father in Heaven and what He desires for me to achieve on this Earth. Praying for the fruits of my spirit to be sown and flourish on His timing.
Request prayer to provide discernment in my current relationship. A lot of time has been invested but if it’s God’s will to walk. I’m gone. I don’t know if I hearing God or my own thoughts. 🙁
Financial blessing, peace & asking to be in a Godly relationship
Niesha McGraw
Total healing of my body; family deliverance from stagnation; financial breakthrough; marital breakthrough; increased anointing.
Health, Wealth, Well-being, mind, body, spirit, in each and every area of my life, grow me in my faith, in you dear heavenly father, allow me to walk in abundance, too be abundance and to accept that I deserve an abundant life in Christ.. thank you Jesus for every Good gift for the discovery of my gifts, thank you Jesus for your Protection, thank you Jesus for your Love.. Thank you for dying for my sins, thank you for forgiveness, praying for freedom for guilt and shame, in the matchless name of Jesus!!!
Praying for American citizenship prior to the expiry of my EAD, Financial and career breakthrough, to be kind and compassionate, protection, abundance, unity and favour upon my parents, children, siblings and myself, deeper relationship with God.
Stronger relationship with God, success in work, pass the CPA, financial stability, knowing how to budget, protecting my mind
Alexis Williams
Special Request prayer for Lil Vee, and Family with the loss of a loved one, keep them in your prayers
Special Request for my Co worker Me Bob, that discovered that the entire branch is closing And he's a few years short of retirement and his wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, Lord Jesus, please work a mighty miracle for them and keep them wrapped in your grace mercy and abundant favor
Special prayer request for My friend Jessica who desires Freedom and Strength in you Jesus.. fill her with your presence
Special Prayer Request for My Son, in the Army Reserves, God please cover protect and blessed him. Please Grant him the desires of his heart only if they are for your good and his.. Allow his joy to be restored.. And may he discover peace in you Heavenly Father.. I come against the spirit of doubt, and defeat.. raise him up in you dear heavenly Father.
Special Request for Mrs. And Mr. Collins God have your way in their marriage.. and restore the broken pieces
Special prayer request for my sister Nita and my Nephew, touch and heal my nephew in his body give my sister, peace, guidance, patience, remove offer my nephew relief and restoration in his young body.. thank you Jesus in advanced..
Praying for Healing And Financial Help..
Sharnett M Scurry
I submit myself to you Heavenly Father, my your grace, mercy, and favor, and your presence resides with me. Guide, provide, and bless me with spiritual wisdom. Let your will be done that I might submit my self to your will way.
Strength to fight temptation, to be hired (I really need a job), combat feelings of loneliness, mental health
academic success, dating and marriage, career success and new beginnings
Pray that God give me the confidence to testify even in this pruning and trying phase of my life. Help me to believe God. Help me to love as God intended, in spite of how I feel when I’m sad or lonely.
Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I would like prayers to be said for Deborah Pryor-Deleon, Elder Lenore Sawyer, Jermaine Sawyer, Frederick Bowland, Arlene Bowland, Dashell Bowland, Jada Bowland, Jordyn Bowland, Marcia Kupferberg, Gloria Perry, Michelle Hill-Everly, for you the reader and your family and friends, Union Church, for the hungry and homeless, Nations across the world, and Myself Archie Bowland. I would like the prayers to be focused on God’s Blessings for Favor, Mercy, and Grace. That he covers us, bring us out of, and protect us and give us victory from all Court Trials, Depression, Anxiety, loneliness, loss of a loved one and Financial. In a supernatural way. In Jesus’ Name Amen. Archie Bowland
Archie Bowland
Jordyn Ridgel
I would like to pray over my relationship with God (praying for increase faith and discernment), my family, my career and my love life. I have been going through rough times these past few months. I really need to lean into God in these times. Thanks!
Doriane Nguenang
I would like to pray over my relationship with God (praying for increase faith and discernment), my family, my career and my love life. I have been going through rough times these past few months. I really need to lean into God in these times. Thanks!
Doriane Nguenang
I would like to pray over my relationship with God (praying for increase faith and discernment), my family, my career and my love life. I have been going through rough times these past few months. I really need to lean into God in these times. Thanks!
Doriane Nguenang
Financial increase at new job/ and for it to be a better schedule to still serve, to be able to do union college, and more time with family. Prayer for closer and deeper intimate relationship with God, peace, for my family for salvation, for my son with autism that he gets the best assistance and help to help him develop and praying for him to adapt to his new school peacefully. Pray this season I learn and get more wisdom from God and from our leaders at union. And prayer for all the pastors at union
That God orders the steps for me and my husband to meet this week.
I am entering my first full-time job after college and I pray that God guides me and watches over me as I enter this next phase of my life.
Darius Enoch
Father God, I'm calling onto you for a new position that brings both peace, increase, and advancement on my medical journey. Continue to provide for my parents and sister. Protect my friends and family from all goings on of this world. Allow myself to release the anxiety and stress of trying to hold everything down myself. Allow me to relinquish stress and add joy into my life.
That God would protect by baby sister as she heads into a new season of her life
That my brother will be healed and fully restored
That my mother would be healed and healthy is her mind and body
increase and progress in all aspects of life, careers, financial, spiritual growth
Remove all work related stresses ,challenges and goie me peace of mind
Praying that my brother would experience true healing and freedom! Also praying that He would continue to order my steps.
Breonna Williams
Praying for healing from osteoarthritis. Along with prayers for my family to return back to god.
Rosella Horsey
Spiritual growth , financial growth , favor
Taylor West
I pray that these fibroids shrink and never return in Jesus name. I pray that my business will be a blessing to others and helps my family. I pray that my blood pressure gets normal and I won’t have to go on hbp medication in Jesus name
Reyanna Turner
i pass my CAT and NCLEX nursing exam to help me become an Army Officer Registered Nurse
Please pray for revelation and wisdom and complete, know-for-sure without a doubt- confirmation concerning a relationship of 9 years. I know what God has showed me and spoken to me in the past- but what I "see" is so different and my faith is really being tested. Please pray for my relationship with Russell to be completely restored and for Jesus to join us in marriage if it be His will.
I’m requesting prayer for healing for me and my family. I have struggled with letting go over a relationship that causes me pain time and time again. It’s almost as if he became the focus of my life and I want to be free. I want to learn to trust God again and know that he is truly in control and that the hurt I’m feeling will not last forever. I’m praying God will remove every distraction from my life that’s attempting to pull me away from him. I’m requesting prayer over my family for healing and freedom from every generation curse of poverty and stagnancy that’s tried to destroy us. I’m constantly losing money and every time it comes it leaves just as fast.
Maureen onyebuchukwu
I am praying that GOD heals my Dad’s kidney cancer and that He guides the doctor’s hands as he gets surgery on blocked arteries in his heart.
Nikki Younger
Cover our children and family. Financial increase for my husband and I. I am asking the Lord to bless us with a new home and success in our business. Debt free. Healthy spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.
Kimkesha Blair
I'm Praying that God will heal my anxiety and will pay off my student balance for the fall semester. I'm also praying that I am able to register for the classes I need in the fall with no issues and to graduate on TIME!
Regina Smalls
Praying God grants me new employment with higher wages on or before my 30th birthday which is October 20, 2022
Ade Okupe
I'm requesting prayer for my current job! One of my projects just fell through and I'm feeling unfulfilled but I know God places me in this role and company for a reason. I'm trying to stay the course but beginning to doubt my value a bit because my work has been slow which is out of the ordinary for me.
Logan Nelson
Help finishing school, paying off student debt, and guidance regarding my future
I’m asking for prayers as I begin Nursing school. Thank you !
That my health gets better
Jestine Louise Mason
Pray with my husband and I to bless us with children.
Covering over my friends and family during these challenging times. Guidance, healing, encouragement.... whatever they need to be joyful and healthy.
Jasmine Lawrence
I pray that god helps my family and i financially and keep us covered in his blood also bless me with my new home in his name i pray amen 🙏🏽
Tykeshia Oates
That my husband will find a career path that he loves! That God will open up new opportunities for me in my business, and guide me on building a curriculum for my children- that’s beneficial to their growth and development.
Alicia Hendricks
Financial increase to support my kids. Things have been hard and find myself struggling to make ends meet. Reconciliation between my husband Keith and I. Peace.
For God to heal my body and to pass my certification this Sunday
Praying for God to strengthen my marriage and increase our finances so we can purchase our first home
I’m praying to receive a summer associate position from one of my 3 favorite firms, but especially Venable. I really love that firm and want to make my second career there. In Jesus name, Amen 🙏🏿
Pls pray for my brother, he has cancer and the doctor says it is spreading. He professes to be a Christian but he is not a born again Christian therefore he is confused, scared and worried about th ge doctor's report
Martha edu
Please pray for me and my family I am sick in the hospital
Jessie E fletcher
Clarity about my job decision and clarity about my house
Living in Gods will. The power of discernment
I would like to pray for discernment and focus. I would also like to pray for my daughter to get the opportunity to attend a new, great daycare that is affordable and treats her well and teaches her.
Danielle Harrison
Pray that my next Pet scan are clear and I am healed of stage 3 lung cancer
akwete wade
I was to pray for my 3 month old cousin battling RSV. I pray for her healing
Guetteline Portee
My boyfriend David has been struggling recently both financially and professionally. He’s doing his very best and praising God for allowing him to still have a roof over his head and means to find ways to barely afford his rent; but I can see the toll that it has taken on him emotionally/mentally/physically. If we could just keep him our prayers I would really appreciate it.
Abigail Belayneh
Praying for healing for the family of a dear friend Lawrence Luster who committed suicide. Prayers for my son's and his paternal family for the murder of their 21 year old cousin Derian.
Healing, peace and breaking generational curses for me and my family
Melanie Dixon
My relationship with God, Faith Financial breakthrough, Financial freedom, more than I could ever ask for, think, or imagine My future husband/Relationship
I pray that my mother's legs are healed from a fungal infection she's been battling for over a year on and off. I pray that my sister and husband's diagnosis of Diabetes is reversed.
Guetteline Portee
Get off drugs
Brenda LORRAINE Jenkins
Please pray for my spiritual growth and not allowing my faith to be bigger than my fear. Praying for the emotional and mental healing of my friends/family, just trying to make it through each day.
I want to pray for my marriage. It has been such a battle to find peace and I feel defeated and distracted spiritually.I pray that the holy spirit keeps me going and give me the strength I need to fulfill my purpose in God's kingdom.
Guetteline Portee
Please pray for my husband and his law team as they prepare for a court hearing from August 29th to September 9th. We are asking specifically for victory by way of an acquittal or not guilty verdict.
Dashell Bowland
I pray for the blood of Jesus Christ to heal my Cousin's Kidneys from kidney failure and rebuke Lupus that is taking a toll on her body and mind.
Guetteline Portee
My car was hit by a tractor trailer and the enemy is really busy and I am without a vehicle. I really just need a breakthrough.
Please pray that God will heal my body completely. Just got out of a life- long church. The pastor died and the new person became a cult leader there. I lost all of my lifetime friends and please pray for comfort and guidance for my family. Pray that I can find a true church home like Union. I will be praying with you all. Wish I lived near one of the campuses. I would be there. Thank you in Jesus Name.
Linda Collins
Please pray for my friend Keenan he is 35 and recently diagnosed with stage 4 non small cell lung cancer. Please pray for his healing. He seems to have given up hope but I am praying for a miracle. I appreciate your prayers and thank you for taking the time out to do so.
Jasmine Wilkins-Smith
For healing after dealing with 10+ year illness … also reunification of my family .
A lucrative job that I enjoy and develops my skills
I pray for my friend William to get a job extension or blessing for the next step in his career and comfort to discern delay vs denial.
Selling my home in Maryland
Alicia Belo
Prayers for healing, and a breakthrough
Jhenelle Anglin
A financial breakthrough and home. Guidance in career and education. Acceptance and sufficient financial aid for degree.
Tashjai Saunders
I’m calling on to God to get me a career in leadership and global affairs of helping underdeveloped nations . Career focused in international relations and project management
Kayode Tomiye
Praying my nieces Kylen & Khloe are bought home to their mother for good, favor in the courtroom
Jackie Mason
That the Lord will grant my grandson the ability to speak clearly
Valerie Jarvis
Healing from a lifelong virus, salvation for my best friend Madison, restoration of sibling relationship, payment for tuition, Abundant job with flexibility
Eleanor Kigaya
Praying for my family & financial blessing
Jackie Mason
Passing my RN NCLEX with 75 questions
Lucy Tekela
Please pray over my finances and my housing struggle. Please pray that I can catch up on my rent peacefully. Amen.
Micah Mason
Employment that is fulfilling and fits my family
Kwaniqua Hernandez
Being able to support myself financially through last year of college without working in order to focus on school work.
Sabrina Ochoa
Good health over my newborn baby girl Kyomi, she is currently in the NICU. I pray for stewardship over my finances as I’ve been promoted at work recently.
Myaesha Mbugua
For God to give me guidance
Ming Ley B
Prayers for my family in Guatemala; life is rough there, I’d like to bring them here and provide; also to lead them to financial,spiritual,physically,mentally growth.
Esther Bocel
Clarity on my business, launch date, in alignment with God's will and purpose over my life, and prosperity over my business
Teyonna Gore
To understand/ have the wisdom to hear and follow God's plan and stewardship of my family through a financial tight spot and his blessing of abundance on what we're trying to build. Guidance on how to be a loving, graceful, and forgiving daughter and sister
Good health over my newborn baby who’s currently in the NICU. I pray for provisions
Myaesha Mbugua
To receive position at Pfizer and Ministry Architects
Teyonna Gore
For peace, healing, and forgiveness to reign supreme in my relationship.
Melanie James
I pray to pass my exam this month and get a new job. I also pray for a life partner, and healing for my sister.
- medical school studying and passing exams
Over financial issues and over my family
Heylee santiago
That me and my kids will never want for nothing financially and that we’ll have so much that we can bless others. Amen.
Krystel Bell
Praying to finally conceive after a miscarriage and years of trying.
Safiya Yearwood
To own a home by 2025.
Teyonna Gore
Bondage of addiction broken off of my husband, restoration of our marriage, financial blessing due to husband having not worked for 7 months and also a job for him.
Trusting and believing in God's timing
A new relationship for a spouse
Nikki Fawehinmi
For focus, strength and perseverance in this new season of my life
Peace of Mind
Please pray that my husband’s cancer screening will come back negative and that he will be healed from all disease.
Feeling overwhelmed with school assignments, work, kids, family etc pray from sanity but mostly healthy life balance.
Maya Peace
Getting our house for myself and 5 kids, please in Jesus name amen
Craig Williams
Healing of my body completely from lupus, RA and CHF!!! For my children Jayden and Rylee for them to be who God created them to be and for financial stability
Joannes Wehye
Marriage restoration and healing of my family
Zo Wehye
Financial stability and guidance within law career
Please pray for me that the lord restores my mind. I have been dealing with feelings of anxiety and depression. Please pray that the lord delivers me from the spirit of fear.
Please pray for me to see the messages I need and gain the wisdom to go from lack to abundance.
Please pray for me to see the messages I need and gain the wisdom to go from lack to abundance.
Please pray for me to see the messages I need and gain the wisdom to go from lack to abundance.
Please pray for me to see the messages I need and gain the wisdom to go from lack to abundance.
Please that God leads me to the husband, God has ordained for me. And for me to open my heart up to love again and love the right way
I ask to pray over my marriage I pray for peace and God’s presence amongst me and my husband’s relationship and household and I ask for healing in my self I pray I can overcome anxiety and depression and to heal family relationships
Dallas Cogdell
I've suffered from multiple miscarriages. I want to join in agreement with the church to pray for healing of my womb to be able to carry my child to full-term in good health, and be able to celebrate God's given blessing permanently; not temporarily due to multiple losses.
Jen Ogunsuyi
I've suffered from multiple miscarriages. I want to join in agreement with the church to pray for healing of my womb to be able to carry my child to full-term in good health, and be able to celebrate God's given blessing permanently; not temporarily due to multiple losses.
Jen Ogunsuyi
To be lead in obedience and listen for the messages God has for me and to become more disciplined in prayer and change
Please pray for the success of my husband’s new personal training business and for us to be able to have a child.
I pray that God changes the circumstances of our marriage from being long distance to together every day. God knows our circumstances, and may he clear the path for my husband and I to reunite safely. IJN, Amen!
Please pray that my husband and I will be better stewards of our finances, starting with paying off debt. Please also pray that we will pull closer to God as a family and be faithful to put Him first and prioritize our relationship with Him.
Prayer over my immigration process they withheld my us passport and haven't heard back for my green card renewal process.
I pray to pass my exam by the end of august and for God to speak to me regarding my relationship.
Wisdom to take care of the gifts God blesses me with
Elaine Alvarez
I want to develop better study habits and i don’t want to stay away from God
I pray this new month brings me success in every area!